Steve's Salter Challenge

Salter x Steve Health Kick Challenge


Making health a priority should always be the case but with the distractions of everyday living, it can pose a bit of a challenge. We’re proud to introduce Steve, our enthusiastic volunteer, who has taken it upon himself to change his lifestyle over the course of the next 12 weeks. Come join us as we encourage him on his inspiring journey. If you’ve been inspired by Steve’s journey, we’re offering a 15% discount on Steve’s favourites! Salter Max Digital Analyser Bathroom Scale, the Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor and Salter Cook Bluetooth Bundle.




Steve's Health Kick Challenge has officially begun. In this first episode, we meet Steve and find out a little bit more about why he wants to make a change to his lifestyle. his is only the beginning - stay tuned over the next few weeks as we follow his journey.



Now Steve has changed the way he exercises, it's time to change what he eats. In this episode he gives us a treat as he gets cooking! We follow him from the supermarket to the kitchen to see what delicious dinner recipes he will try as part of his lifestyle change.




We are officially one month into the Health Kick Challenge. Steve is feeling energised and is fully focused on achieving the best results he can. He has set new personal challenges and we find out how the small and gradual changes Steve has made to his lifestyle, have affected his Blood Pressure and Weight Readings.



Steve has made incredible progress on his health and fitness journey, and his blood pressure and weight readings are now reflecting this. From his humble kitchen beginnings, Steve has now begun to experiment a little more in the kitchen, creating delicious dinners that provide him with the nutrition to fuel his regular workouts.




Steve has set several personal challenges to improve his fitness levels and he is now delighted to share some fantastic results. Rather than taking his usual walking route around the park, Steve switched things up and decided to show us how easy it can be to get more steps in wherever you may go. His hard work is paying off, and his blood pressure and weight readings are continuing to get even lower.



It's time to celebrate! Steve's Health Kick Challenge has officially come to an end, and we have enjoyed every minute of following him on his health and fitness journey. The final results are in and Steve has plenty to smile about. Join us as we catch up with Steve one last time to find out how much lower his blood pressure and weight readings are, after 12 weeks of hard work and effort.



More Episodes Coming Soon

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