Salter Kitchen


Digital Kitchen Scales


Take the Guess Work Out of Baking 

Salter's Digital Kitchen Scales are easy to use, accurate and reliable. They'll help you save time (and washing up!) thanks to the handy add and weigh function and, the aquatronic function makes measuring liquids simple!

Mechanical Kitchen Scales


Keep Things Traditional

Our Mechanical Kitchen Scales offer a classic weighing method, they're simple to use, with no need for batteries and still look great in any modern kitchen.

Salt and Pepper Mills


Season Your Food Like a Top Chef

Add the finishing touch to your dishes with freshly ground salt and pepper. Salter has a range of electric and manual Mills that will complement any dinner table.

Kitchen Thermometers


Accurate Food Temperatures

For creating succulent roasts, creamy caramels and so much more. A Kitchen Thermometer is a must-have for anyone who loves to get creative in the kitchen.


Kitchen Timers


Get Your Timings Right

Whether you need to save your bakes from burning or stay on top of cooking your Sunday roast, ensure your dishes are cooked to perfection with the help of our Kitchen Timers.

 Salter Cook

Discover Salter Cook

Bring your kitchen into the future and ensure your favourite recipes are cooked to perfection every time. The Salter Cook App allows you to create an interactive cookbook on your smartphone or tablet, use your own recipes or store your favourites found online. For the ultimate interactive cooking experience pair with our Smart Scale and Bluetooth Thermometer  

For over 260 years, Salter has been the UK’s leading food weighing scales brand. Salter Kitchen Scales have been developed to enable total confidence in the kitchen. Whether you’re baking cakes or cooking a delicious dinner, you will need to start your preparation with accurate food measurements. Our selection of Digital Kitchen Scales, have been developed with innovative features allowing you to cook your favourite recipes with ease. Salter also caters for those who prefer a more traditional method of weight management with a range of Mechanical Kitchen Scales. With a variety of colours and modern designs, you can also find a range of Kitchen Gadgets to help you ensure your dishes are cooked to perfection.