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Bring your kitchen into the future and ensure your favourite recipes are cooked to perfection every time. The Salter Cook App allows you to create an interactive cookbook on your smartphone or tablet, use your own recipes or store your favourites found online. Make any recipe your own by adjusting portion sizes in the app. Connect with the interactive scales and thermometer using Bluetooth to revolutionise your cooking experience.


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Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Scale


Salter Cook Bluetooth Smart Kitchen Scale

We are proud to present our innovative recipe scale, a must-have for any avid baker. Teamed with the Salter Cook app, you can connect the two via Bluetooth and seamlessly weigh ingredients with your smartphone or tablet. Press and hold on a weight within the app and the scale will automatically set it as your target. 

Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer


 Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

A must-have gadget for those culinary superstars, the Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer is the real deal. Connecting to Bluetooth for easy access, you can monitor temperature on your smartphone or tablet to make sure you get your dish just right.

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