Get the best results from your BBQ

BBQ season is nearly upon us and that calls for lots of tasty dishes straight from the grill! However, there are some serious rules to follow when it comes to getting the best results from your BBQ and ensuring that the food you serve is safe. The Heston Blumenthal Precision range by Salter provides a great array of products for superior quality and accuracy when it comes to cooking your favourite dishes. This range includes two products specifically created with outdoor cooking in mind. Cooking meat correctly can be hard at the best of times let alone on charcoal so let us take you through temperatures and timings to guarantee you the best burgers every-time!

Heston Blumenthal PrecisionIt may appear to be quite a skill to get perfect smoky meat but having the correct tools will help you get you started, including a thermometer and a timer that are suitable for outdoor cooking. The Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen BBQ Meat Thermometer by Salter measures temperatures up to 5x faster than standard kitchen thermometers (under 5 seconds) with readings down to 0.01 degrees Celsius and a temperature range from -45 to +200 degrees Celsius; it’s great for controlling meat temperatures that can sometimes alter quickly. For recipes that are more technical or larger cuts of meat that are tricky to measure, the extra long probe of 180mm with 10mm depth markings make this kitchen accessory a breeze to use. This digital thermometer has a silicone casing, making it completely weather-proof and perfect for the BBQ, with an IPX5 rating for water protection. The additional probe case keeps your thermometer stored safely.

The Heston Blumenthal Precision Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen Timer is another great addition to your BBQ set up with a water-resistant silicone casing. To ensure your meat is safe to cook, this digital timer features a ‘turn’ reminder to prompt you to flip those burgers as well as a ‘temperature check’ reminder to use your BBQ Meat Thermometer near the end of your cooking time. The LED display is easy to read and offers a count up or count down function for customisable timings. These tools can also be used for cooking inside when using the oven or hob. 




Different meats have different optimum temperatures for the perfect result and to ensure that all bacteria is removed, especially in chicken and pork. Using a thermometer and timer can help you make sure that your burgers, steaks, sausages and chicken are cooked correctly. Although barbecues have a relaxed reputation, it can be very hard to not burn the outside of the meat you’re cooking and have the inside completely raw so it’s important to stick to recommended timings to get the best from your BBQ!

Why not try out some fun new recipes on the grill and practice using your new gadgets?


SPICED GRILLED LAMB SKEWERS - Get your recipe here!

Kebabs are a really popular way to BBQ meat and you can add anything you want onto them! They are so fun to make and really easy to cook – why not try spiced lamb skewers in a marinade of Indian spices.Spiced Grilled Lamb Skewers


BUTTERY BAKED CORN ON THE COB - Get your recipe here!

We forget how tasty certain vegetables are on the barbecue – grilling corn on the cob or peppers make for a yummy alternative to meat and again it’s important to keep an eye on the time with these; corn on the cob only needs about fifteen minutes and will start to singe when its ready with peppers only needing ten. You can’t beat buttery corn on the cob and it makes a great side dish.

Buttery Baked Corn on the Cob



A CRACKING BURGER - Get your recipe here!

And finally, to help you nail the classic burger with all the trimmings. Master this and go crazy with the toppings; our favourites are coleslaw and bacon!


Even though there is a serious side to preparing and cooking meat carefully, with a little help from some handy gadgets designed with the BBQ in mind, your family and friends will keep coming back for more!