Shake Up Your Summer Workouts

Summer Workouts

Tired of being stuck in a sweaty indoor gym? Worry not because the sun’s here and is here to stay! hopefully.  Most of us are naturally inclined to be active during summer mainly because it’s fun to be out in the sun! The blue skies of summer not only make it easy to step out, but also give us multiple options for staying fit. In short, summer, fun and fitness go hand in hand. Take advantage of the sun and up your workout game by trying one of these outdoor summer activities.


1.      Outdoor Yoga

Bring your yoga mat to the park or beach to salute the sun! With yoga, you not just connect with your inner self but also the environment. Especially good if you usually spend your day glued to a screen in an air-conditioned office with the humdrum of printers as your background music, yoga replaces that with fresh air, stretching and birds singing in the background!

Outdoor Yoga


2.      Beach Jogging

Summer means sun and sun means beach. Let’s face it, beaches are beautiful. And to make the most of the rare sunny days we get in the UK, it’s vital to use the time wisely. With beach jogging, not only do you get a better workout, but also better views. One other advantage of the sand is that you can use to develop strength! Like water, sand challenges your stability. Start on a wet sand and work your way up to dry sand as your endurance increases. Do not forget to wear protective gear if the sand is too hot!

Beach Jogging



3.      Mountain Hiking

Forget skiing and put your hiking boots on! An excellent exercise, with a bit of fun, hiking doesn’t have to be restricted to only the experts but can be simple walk on trail as well. Also, getting out your house to enjoy the tranquillity of nature with a fresh breeze can do wonders for the soul too!

Mountain Hiking


4.      Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Ideal for perfecting your balance and strengthening your core, SUP or Stand-Up Paddle boarding is a great option for those who those looking to add water to their fitness regime! Not only do you get your balance right, but the use of the fabulous warm water will allow you to master the art of just simply standing up and having fun!

Stand-Up Paddle boarding


5.      Kayaking

If you’re looking for a fun way of carrying out an upper body work out, kayaking is surely one of them. Improve your aerobic fitness, and strength by turning your hobby into a regular workout session. Even better, sweat it out with your gym buddy by choosing a kayak with two seats!



6.      Take your dog to the park!

If you’ve got a lovely dog, this one is definitely for you. One of the easiest and fun ways to bond with your dog, enjoy the sun AND do some cardio is to take your dog to the park and have him chase his favourite ball. He will thank you for that and you will return home with a full-fledged cardio session.

Dog Walking


7.      Make use of park benches

Although park benches are meant to be sat on, you can really use them to take your workout to the next level! Whether you choose to do step ups or tricep dips, use the incline to your advantage.

Use Park Benches


8.      Splash the ocean!

Swimming, as we all know is one of the best forms of exercise that gets your entire body in motion so why not take advantage of the summer and challenge yourself to an open-water swim in the ocean? Whether it is a gentle breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle or a butterfly, by swimming you can increase your heart rate without stressing your body and enjoy the sun at the same time.



9.      Court Sports

If you’re up for a 360-degree movement, give tennis or sand court volleyball a go! Not only are they fun and help you work out, they’re also engaging! With social interaction, team work and a dash of sunshine, you’re bound to forget the lonely dark hours in the gym!

Court Sports


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