Muscle Mass Scales | Top Reasons to Measure the Mass of Your Muscles

Before we go into reasons for investing in muscle mass scales, let's look at what muscle mass is.

Muscle Mass

Building muscle mass is often confused with burning body fat. While burning fat is often a direct result of increased muscle mass, the two are, however, far from being the same. Body fat percentages measure the total amount of fat held within your body. Muscle mass, on the other hand, includes the weight of your smooth and skeletal muscles and the water contained.

Your Muscles


When it comes to burning energy, muscles are like engines. In terms of fitness, your muscle mass plays a vital role. As your body builds muscles, it continually burns fat and energy. The more your muscle mass increases, the quicker your body can burn energy/calories. Increasing your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), this ultimately helps you to lose weight. Keeping an eye on your muscle mass with the help of muscle mass scales is important, because having too little or too much muscle mass can cause all kinds of problems.

Losing Muscle Mass

As you age, your lean muscle mass continually decreases. Unless you do something to counter this loss, you risk losing up to 50 per cent of your muscle mass from the age of 20 until you are 90 - while simultaneously gaining body fat. Eventually, low muscle mass will result in loss of strength and joint flexibility, making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to perform daily routine tasks or lift heavy objects.

Excessive Muscle Mass

Having too much muscle mass can also cause problems. A very high muscle mass percentage means your BMR will also be very high. This in turn means you must eat virtually every hour of the day and engage in extreme workout regimes to maintain this high muscle mass.

Muscle Mass Scales

Muscle Mass Analyser Scales

Measuring your lean muscle mass, muscle mass scales help you to more effectively manage both your muscle mass and body fat percentages. Alerting you to the need to, these scales can help you to:

  • Reverse the decrease in muscle mass, bone density and strength that comes with age
  • Maintain your joint flexibility, and, if combined with a healthy diet
  • Guide weight reduction

We have an extensive range of premium-quality muscle mass scales designed to help you manage your muscle mass and body fat percentages; BMR, BMI and body water/bone mass percentages more effectively. Get started on your road to a healthier body by browsing our range today.