Best Kitchen Scales for 2019

Best Kitchen Scales 2019

Scales are sometimes underestimated in the kitchen; they are vital appliances to those who cook regularly and its worth doing your research into which style provides the best functions for your needs.

With the New Year approaching why not treat yourself or a loved one to some nifty new kitchen gadgets!?

Salter’s kitchen range has everything you need, from compact and lightweight scales, to extra-large platforms to help make large batches of food. The most popular kitchen appliances are digital, as they provide more precise readings and have easy read displays. If you prefer a more traditional approach to cooking, Salter mechanical kitchen scales can still take up to 5kg of weight and look great on your worktops. We also have other kitchen appliances, beautifully designed and efficient, suitable for anybody in the home or workplace.

Digital Kitchen Scales

Many of Salter’s electronic kitchen scales are very easy to handle thanks to their incredibly slimline and lightweight design. Glass scales are also very easy to clean for any messy chefs out there! Both the Salter 5kg Electronic Scales and the ARC Stainless Steel Scales are hygienic and are designed for compact storage, perfect for those with limited space. Both scales have large LCD displays and allow you to measure liquids straight into the bowl with the Aquatronic feature, so there is no need for measuring jugs! Just simply change the measurement to ml or fl.oz. The ‘tare’ button, also known as the ‘Add and Weigh’ button allows you to weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl. You don’t even need to use a bowl, you can just weigh straight onto the scale, great for those in a rush! All Salter scales can convert between imperial or metric measurements and with these electronic scales coming in a variety of colours, they can be sure to complement any kitchen. All Salter scales come with a 15 year guarantee, ensuring you have the best quality product possible.

Salter Black 5kg Digital Kitchen Scale



Salter Stainless Steel pro Digital Kitchen Scale


Mechanical Kitchen Scales

If you prefer a more traditional or ‘countryside’ style in your kitchen, many mechanical scales encompass all the modern benefits of high-tech digital scales with a more retro look, including the ‘Add and Weigh’ function allowing you to measure multiple measurements in the same bowl as well as the ‘Aquatronic’ function. Although the display is not digital, these mechanical dials are still easy to read and accurate. The Add and Weigh Baking Mechanical Kitchen Scales even come with a scoop making it so easy to pour your cake batter! To help you save space in your kitchen, many of these kitchen scales are designed to easily fit inside the weighing bowl. Coming in many colours and styles, with clock-face or rotating style dials, these designs complement any style of kitchen.

Salter 5kg Mechanical Kitchen Scale - White



Salter Add and Weigh Baking Mechanical Kitchen Scales



High Tech Scales

If you’re looking for something with a little bit more oomph, a few of these kitchen scales may just do the trick! One of the favourites is the Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale; it's literally a chopping board and scale all in one! Perfect for those who like no-nonsense cooking and make batches of food. It has a large platform to allow you to use a bowl but is compact enough to store away like a normal chopping board. Salter also do a smaller version for those who don’t require such a large board. It’s a great buy for those who love saving time and cook from scratch often.

For something completely different, Salter Cook Bluetooth Pro Scale and Thermometer. This scale comes with its own app in where you can store your favourite recipes and weigh your ingredients - making your cooking experience interactive and fun, perfect for those who have piles of cookbooks in the kitchen. The app is super convenient, allowing you to save recipes from the internet or write your own. Once you’ve connected the scale to the app via Bluetooth, it will give you a ‘weight target’ to ensure your creations are complete perfection. It still contains all of Salter’s signature flourishes, including the ‘Add and Weigh’ function as well as the ‘Aquatronic’ feature. The thermometer connects to the app as well, allowing you to keep an eye on the temperature from anywhere in the house.

Finally, Salter’s Waterproof Digital Kitchen Scale is designed for those of you who love to just bung everything in the kitchen sink, making them so easy to clean! These stylish scales can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes and have all the fantastic features that come many of Salter’s digital kitchen scales. These sleek scales look classy and still are so accurate and easy to use with touch-sensitive buttons and a large LCD display.







Cooking Thermometers

Additional kitchen accessories can be just as crucial as the basics, especially if you’re an avid cook or have a large family to feed! Kitchen thermometers can be of huge aid whether you’re roasting meat or tempering chocolate and the Heston Blumenthal Digital Meat Thermometer measures temperature quickly (under 5 seconds in fact!) and accurately and comes with an info card for recommended temperatures. With a silicone grip and stainless-steel probe case, Salter have really thought of everything that could go wrong when measuring high temperatures, making sure you won't drop it or burn yourself! If you don’t require such a precise measurement Salter’s Analogue Oven Thermometer has a large display glass lens and can be placed anywhere on the oven shelf, along with a huge temperature range from 50-300 degrees Celsius. You won't ever cook without one again!


Heston Blumenthal Precision Cooking Thermometer



Salter Analogue Kitchen Thermometer


Kitchen Timers

Small but mighty important! If you’re forgetful like me, you’ll put sausages in the oven and come back five hours later to very burnt pieces of pork! With a simple yet effective Digital Kitchen Timer with large display and buttons, you really can’t go wrong! For those who are more experienced in the kitchen, the Heston Blumenthal Electronic Digital Dual Kitchen Timer with a ‘turn’ reminder (to make sure your meat is cooked to perfection) really will ramp up your cooking finesse! Also equipped with multiple timer options for large-scale catering and audible alerts to ensure complete perfection.

Salter Big Button Digital Kitchen Timer



Heston Blumenthal Precision Dual Digital Kitchen Timer