Bathroom Scales 2018

Bathroom scales have come a long way in the last few years. With a rise in fitness and health awareness across the nation, more people are more interested in tracking their weight and body statistics for fitness goals. There are many styles of bathroom scales on the market, suited for all different needs. Salter’s range has everything from a retro mechanical scale to a high-tech analyser scales. All Salter scales come with a 15-year guarantee and include additional carpet feet; an essential function for accurate weighing on uneven floors. 

Digital Bathroom Scales

Digital bathroom scales give an accurate weight reading in a simple and stylish manner. Salter’s Ghost Digital Bathroom Scale is minimalistic, with a hidden white LED display only lit when stepped on. With clear toughened glass and a generous platform size, they will fit with any bathroom décor. If you prefer something a little more simple, Salter’s Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale (coming in silver or black) provides the perfect digital reading in your choice of unit (kg, st, lb). The LED displays are easy to read and with the slim design, these bathroom scales don’t take up space in your bathroom. Salter’s range of bathroom scales includes, anti-slip, stainless steel platforms or even water-resistant bamboo scales.

Salter Ghost Digital Bathroom Scale - White



Salter Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale - Silver & Black


Mechanical Bathroom Scales

For those who like the traditional things in life, mechanical scales can provide an accurate reading with a simplistic design and easy read dials. The Salter Speedo Mechanical Bathroom Scale (available in black or silver) is reliable and durable, with a large platform and easy read dial. The Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Scale has a higher capacity and a textured vinyl mat to help prevent slips. A slightly more robust version with a larger platform and fine resolution for a more accurate reading is the Academy Doctors Style Bathroom Scale. The retro design looks great with rotating pointer (with both pound and kilo measurements). No batteries are required in any mechanical scale so there is no fuss when it comes to your weight management.

Salter Speedo Mechanical Bathroom Scales - Black & Silver



Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales


Salter Academy Doctors Style Bathroom Scales - Black




Analyser/High Tech Scales

The Salter Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Body Fat Scale is one of the best on the market, rated for their stylish design, accurate readings and ease of use. This scale measures weight, body fat, body water and BMI, providing you with the information you need to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. By sending a small electrical impulse through the body, the scales can determine fat from tissue, don’t worry its perfectly safe! This scale comes with a memory for up to 4 users and extra features including; carpet feet, LCD display and a 15-year guarantee. Analyser scales are great for those who need to track their body statistics or for those interested in their fitness and diet regime. If you require a more ‘heavy duty’ analyser, the Salter Max Digital Analyser Bathroom Scale not only measures weight, body fat, BMI and body water but can also track your bone and muscle mass as well as your BMR. These statistics are all important to our daily routine and can be important to track over a period of time. This set of scales comes with a memory of up to 10 users, an athlete mode and a max capacity of up to 250kg. They of course come with an easy to read LCD display, toughened safety glass and a ‘step on’ instant weight reading. Salter’s Bluetooth Smart Analyser Scale, measures every body statistic you can think of and even comes with its own app! The Mibody app collects your measurements straight from the scales via Bluetooth, allowing you to track progress on graphs and help you achieve the goals you want. With up to 8 users and a child and athlete mode, it can be tailored for the whole family. This scale looks sleek and modern, with a large LCD display which can also be viewed on the app.

Salter Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Body Fat Scales - White



Salter Max Digital Analyser Bathroom Scales - Silver


Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale



Why should we use analyser scales? 

In order to measure our body statistics, Salter scales use a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, sending a small electrical impulse around the body to determine body fat and water. One of the most important components of body weight is your body water as it makes up half of your total weight and plays a vital part in regulating body temperature. BMI helps us classify obesity and those who are underweight , BMR is an estimate of the energy expended by the body. Both measurements are important for our general health, helping us tailor our diet and fitness regime.