Best Kitchen Scales for 2020

Best Kitchen Scales 2020

Kitchen scales can sometimes be underestimated, but they are an essential tool to have in every kitchen. Everyone has different styles of cooking, but ensuring you have precise measurements of your ingredients is essential when you’re following a specific recipe. Kitchen scales have developed with the changing methods of cooks and bakers. There are so many different types of kitchen scales available, from traditional mechanical scales to smart digital kitchen scales, so it’s important to delve into the details to find the best kitchen scale to suit your specific needs.

Salter has a range of kitchen scales to suit your baking and cooking needs, from compact and lightweight scales to high capacity scales, for larger batches of ingredients. The most popular kitchen scales are digital, as they provide more precise readings and include easy to read displays. However, if you prefer a more traditional approach to cooking, Salter’s range of mechanical kitchen scales can still take up to 5kg of weight and there are many innovative designs to choose from. We’ve selected a range of the best kitchen scales to see you through the new year.


There is still a great sense of tradition when it comes to cooking at home, with many recipes often passed down through generations with specific details, including the type of kitchen scale to be used. For those wishing to use traditional scales, many mechanical kitchen scales can come in modern designs to suit a variety of homes, whilst still delivering accurate weight measurements. The Salter Aquaweigh Baking Mechanical Kitchen Scale is a mechanical kitchen scale with a modern twist. You can weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl thanks to the innovative ‘Add & Weigh’ function. Your measurements can also be viewed easily via the easy to ready rotating twin dial.  As its name suggests, this kitchen scale can also be used to measure liquids, making it a multipurpose kitchen tool.  A modern and stylish design makes the Salter Add & Weigh Jug Kitchen Scale another a great addition to your cookware collection. When you’re finished using it, the jug inverts over the scale for neat and easy storage.




Salter’s range of digital kitchen scales makes it easy to measure ingredients accurately, whether you are baking or cooking. The Salter 15kg Max Chopping Board Digital Kitchen Scale combines two pieces of kitchenware to make a unit that lets you chop and measure ingredients on the same platform with little effort. Perfect for quickly trimming and chopping, the entire platform surface acts as a generous capacity scale that is also suitable to use as a chopping board. Baking large batches? This kitchen scale is the perfect baking companion with its high capacity. You can save yourself the hassle of shuffling your bowl around a kitchen scale to view your weight readings, thanks to the easy to read extra-large digital display. If you want something sleek for your kitchen, the Salter Phantom Digital Kitchen Scale is a perfect choice. This unique scale features a hidden display, which is only lit when the platform is activated by a bowl or ingredient. With its modern and clean design, this scale will complement your other kitchen accessories at home. Once you’ve finished weighing your ingredients this kitchen scale can easily be tucked away in a drawer due to its compact size. If you are looking for a high precision scale for basic baking, look no further than the Salter Ultra Slim Black Digital Kitchen Scale. 




Developments in technology have allowed digital kitchen scales to follow new baking and cooking trends. Cooking can get messy, but when your scale is completely waterproof you can’t go wrong. Forget wiping around small buttons with a damp cloth. Designed with a completely smooth surface and sealed battery compartment, the Salter Waterproof Digital Kitchen Scale can be immersed underwater up to one metre deep for 30 minutes, so you can pop it in the washing bowl with the rest of your dishes and cutlery.

Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal has worked with the Salter team to create a kitchen scale with two platforms for precise measuring and accurate readings. The Heston Blumenthal Precision Dual Platform Digital Kitchen Scale features two brushed stainless-steel platforms that can be used in unison to give you accurate measurements whilst you prepare your food. The smaller platform is ideal for recipes that require great precision as it weighs in 0.1g increments up to 200g, whilst the larger platform can measure up to 10kg for larger batches of ingredients.

Connecting your kitchen scales to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, makes it a lot easier to follow your favourite recipes. Salter Cook provides a unique opportunity to convert online recipes and bring the ultimate interactive kitchen experience to your home. The Salter Cook app itself is multifunctional, allowing you to create a personal cookbook with interactive weights, times and temperatures. Capture recipes from the most popular recipe websites at the click of a button or manually enter your own. Easily follow recipes method/ingredients lists with a strikethrough, adjust portions, add categories, upload your photos, share recipes with friends and much more. Syncing the Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Scale to the app makes following your recipes much more interactive. Instead of using this kitchen scale in the traditional sense, the scale is displayed through the app on your smartphone or tablet. The interactive display shows you when you have reached your target and easily lets you change units or adjust the weight. Simply collect, connect and cook.




Whether you’re a baking beginner or already create some serious showstoppers, choosing the best kitchen scale will help you on your way to getting your recipes spot-on every time.


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