Best Bathroom Scales for 2018

Bathroom Scales 2018

Do you really know what you’re made of? Bathroom scales are no longer limited to one simple reading of kilograms, stones or ounces. Everyone is now becoming much more aware of their health, as well as the different ways that they can monitor their fitness levels. Scales have developed with audiences to provide a specific breakdown of weight, with multiple features available. Although these new developments have assisted in helping many track specific aspects of their weight, some have stuck to the more traditional models, with robust designs and larger displays.

Developments in technology have allowed digital scales to connect to our smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, making it easier to track trends in your weight, which can help you to create a fitness regime suited to your health or fitness goals. Many digital scales can measure body composition using BIA technology which sends electrical impulses through the body to differentiate lean tissue from fat. As well as registering your weight, smart scales can also calculate a range of other measurements, including BMI (body mass index), BMR, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass percentage and bone mass. Many of these scales are also equipped with the ability to register multiple users to a single scale, with individual profiles.

We’ve selected a range of bathroom scales to see you through the new year that will help you achieve your fitness goals. 



Ultra Slim Glass Analyser Body Fat Scales


Innovative and reliable, the Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scales provide an easy solution to monitor your weight. Simply tap the platform with your foot to activate the scale and then step on to get started. The Ultra Slim Analyser Scales measure fundamental aspects of body composition including body fat percentage, body water percentage and BMI, which will provide you with the important information you need to alter your diet and fitness regime. This scale adds a touch of style to any bathroom without expensive costs. 






Bluetooth Digital Body Analyser Bathroom Scales 

The Salter Mibody scales are a range of connected devices to make weight and health management an easy process. Track your fitness journey with ease by connecting your mobile device to these innovative bathroom scales with the free to download MiBody app. Simply sync your phone or tablet with these analyser scales via Bluetooth. Trends can be tracked over time and the measurements explained with healthy/recommended ranges. If you are a regular gym user, these scales also feature an athlete mode to give specific measurements according to your body type and level of activity.






9201Memories Digital Bathroom Scale


The Salter Memories Scale can show you the difference between your current weight and your previous weight measurements. Detailed with helpful up and down arrows, you can quickly tell how well you’re progressing. Track your weight with ease as the memories scale stores your weight readings within your user and inside the scale. Simply select a user and get started. The LCD displays measurements in your choice of kg, st & lb. The perfect size for easily reading your weight readings, you won’t need to squint or squat down to get a closer look. This scale is ideal for those wanting to track weight trends over specific periods of time.







Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales


Fuss-free and dependable, Salter’s Doctor’s Style Mechanical Bathroom scale does exactly what you need it to. This mechanical scale gives you the accurate measurements you need with little maintenance! No batteries or buttons, it's simple and straightforward. Designed with a large dial and long red pointer, your weight is displayed clearly so you can read your measurements with ease. Built with a solid base, the platform has a maximum capacity of 150kg/23 St. It also features an anti-slip surface, making it perfect for use straight out of the shower.






Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale


Working towards your fitness goals can be difficult when you don't have the key information you need. Unlike a standard set of bathroom scales, the Salter Bluetooth Analyser Pro provides a convenient and accurate answer to monitoring your health and fitness, using your smartphone. The Smart Pro Scales from Salter send your measurements straight to your phone via Bluetooth to the Mibody app, allowing you to track your progress over time and compare results to your specific fitness goals. Equipped with the storage ability for up to eight users, the Analyser Pro is great for the whole family and enabled with child and athlete modes to suit everyone. The curved edges and clear white glass result in a sleek, modern set of scales that are practical for everyday use and ideal for helping you maintain a healthy, happy body. If you are serious about focusing on your fitness, these are the ideal scales for you.



Whether you're wanting to focus on your fitness in the new year, or simply want to ensure your are maintaining a healthy weight, Salter has a range of bathroom scales suited to your individual needs.





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