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Analyser Bathroom Scales


 Stay on Track of Your Fitness Goals

Dive into the details of your body composition with our analyser scales and track your BMI, body fat percentage and muscle.


Salter Pulse Oximeter


Keep An Eye On Your Health

The Salter OxyWatch Fingertip Pulse Oximeter provides an accurate and convenient way to measure both pulse rate and blood oxygen levels at home. Allowing you to easily monitor any changes and seek treatment at the right time. 

Salter Digital Kitchen Scales


Have Some Fun in the Kitchen

 Our digital kitchen scales will provide you with total confidence in the kitchen and help you create all of your favourite recipes.


Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Gadgets


 Discover Salter Cook

The interactive cooking experience! Connect the scale to your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth.

Salter Eco Products


Practical, Stylish and Kind to the Enviroment

Now more than ever, we're increasingly aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. Which is why we've designed a range of useful products that help you reduce waste. 

cupcake scale


Limited Edition Cupcake Kitchen Scale

Add a touch of fun to your kitchen with this cute digital kitchen scale. Get yours before they're gone!


For over 260 years, Salter Housewares, the UK’s leading weighing scales brand have been manufacturing precision technology for the home. From their beginnings in 1760 right through to the present day, Salter’s products have been developed to enable total confidence in their accuracy. Salter began life in 1760 in the village of Bilston, England. At this time Richard Salter, a spring maker, began making ‘pocket steelyards’, a scale similar to the fisherman’s scale of today. By 1825 his nephew George had taken over the company, which became known as George Salter & Co. and later established a large, well equipped manufacturing site in the town of West Bromwich. From here the company produced a wide variety of scales including the UK’S first bathroom scale! Other items were added to the range, including irons, mincers, potato chippers, coin-operated machines and another ‘first’ for the UK, the typewriter. Located in the United Kingdom, Italy, USA, Canada and Australia with distribution to over 100 countries worldwide, Salter scales are still the UK’s leader in kitchen and bathroom scales, which would no doubt delight George Salter, who pioneered the concept in this country.